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Manjara Charitable Trust

Manjara Charitable Trust is renowned trust in Maharashtra, a social welfare organization whose goal is economic, social, political and cultural upliftment of masses in Maharashtra by providing quality education. Shri Vilasraoji Deshmukh a distinguished administrator in India and educational visionary founded the Manjara Charitable Trust in 1988.

The Manjra Charitable Trust has sponsored many educational institutions in the range of Marathwada at the beginning and now it is spreading up all over the state of Maharashtra. The number of educational institutions from K.G to Graduates / Post Graduates degrees have been started to impart education in the faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce Education, Engineering etc…

MCT’s College of Education & Research is the progenitors of the MCT's idea, which, for nearly three decades has embodied the services relationship to the needs and interests of the people.The College is governed by the voice of the many, a shared responsibility of faculty, Academic staff and students. Relatively from modest beginning and with Judicious application of limited resources. Within a decades time MCT’s College of Education & Research has grown into an establishment that is now considered as one of the eminent Teacher Education Institution .

MCT’s College of Education & Research acknowledges its role as a place of intersection for myriad local, regional, National and International communities, each with the dynamic and widely varied perceptions, interests, demands and contribution. It stands in the midst of an ever-expanding revolution in communication, which influences fundamentally the technology and practices in Education

Principal’s Message

Welcome to M CT’s College of Education & Research

Teaching is not preaching. An ideal Teacher teaches by examples, by citing examples, by narrating beautiful and inspiring examples. He/She should teach by setting up examples himself/herself. All Teachers should bear this in mind and try to follow it to the best of our ability.

It is said that, besides examples, what is most helpful for learning is a favourable climate or influence, if we can create that climate of discussion and discourse and reflective practices , we can succeed in making the teaching learning process a matter of joy forever. We remain life-long learner.

To achieve a value based and meaningful life we need right kind of Education which Swami Vivekanand had described as man making Education.

MCT's College of Education & Research , keeping the above thoughts at the forefront has laid foundation of Professional Culture in its Institution.

MCT's College of Education & Research is taking quality initiatives in Academic activities and has introduced innovative practices to enhance quality.

With the training skills acquired here, we wish that our students be Excellent Teachers and responsible global citizens endowed with humanistic values to lead a harmonious life personally and professionally.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the commitment of Management , its governance and involvement for efficiency of institutional process which attracts committed Staff and worthy students . Therein the professional quality of the teaching and non-teaching staff has contributed to achieve our Motto Excellence through Training.

I am deeply obliged to the Management and the authorities of Manjara Charitable Trust for giving me an opportunity to head the Teacher Education Institution and fulfill the Academic dreams of our revered Patron and founder of Manjara Charitable Trust , Shri Vilasraoji Deshmukh a distinguished administrator in India and Educational Visionary.

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Our Source of Inspiration :

Hon’ble Shri. Vilasraoji Deshmukh

Ex-Chief Minister , State of Maharashtra and Cabinet Minister , Heavy Industries, Govt. of India

Hon. Mr Amit Vilasrao Deshmukh, Former Minister of State - Govt. Of Maharashtra, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly



Sr. No Name of member Designation
1 Mr. Kaushal Paurana Chairman (CEO, Manjara Charitable Trust)
2 Mr.Nitin Angolkar (DGM, Manjara Charitable Trust)
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Savita S.Sable Principal, Member Secretary
5 Shri. U.K.Nambiar Educationist
6 Dr. Jyotirmayee Nayak Representative of Teaching Staff
7 Mr. Bharat Choudhary Representative of Non-Teaching Staff

Our Features


To be a pre-eminent Teacher Education Institution that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for quality teachers by providing them with a student centred, practically focused quality learning experiences.

  • Distinctive Institution that provides high quality Teacher-Education.
  • Promote life-long learning.
  • Faculty at the frontiers in Teacher Education and Teaching Excellence.
  • Close and productive ties with other Educational Institutions, especially with Secondary Schools.
  • A work environment, where all persons can thrive and realize their full ambitions and potential.


  • To achieve excellence in Teacher Education.
  • To strengthen the skills and talents and promote professional excellence in Teacher Education and related aspects.
  • To provide unique curricular and co-curricular activities and opportunities for students.
  • To build close and productive ties with other Educational Institutions, especially with Secondary Schools.
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in research and extension activities.


  • To provide excellent teaching learning environment.
  • To expose the Teacher Educators to the higher techniques of Teaching.
  • To practice learner-centred and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • To develop research attitude amongst student teachers.
  • To provide quality school-based learning experiences in the reputed secondary schools.
  • To carry out continuous quality monitoring, communication, assessment and improvement in order to increase efficiency and ensure accountability.
  • To develop empathy for the disadvantaged in the community.
  • To develop effective communication skills for development of holistic personality.
  • To nurture the quality talent and ensure their employability.