Our Infrastructure

Well equipped classrooms

Students do not learn much just by sitting in classes listening to teachers, memorizing prepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers. They must practice what they have learnt. They must make what they learn part of themselves.

Library – cum-Reading Room

The speed with which new information is becoming available has fundamentally challenged our assumption about how we use and share data.

At MCT’s College of Education & Research library has developed academic information acquisition, management and distribution. The library has a well equipped reading room which provides adequate number of Books, Newspapers, Journals, Periodicals and Magazines. More than 4000 of reference book written by national and internationally reputed authors are available in the library.

Library Books Details

Sr. No Book Details No of Books
1 Total Number of Books including text books in the library 8333
2 Approximate value of Rs 370500
3 Number of study and reference books 2840
4 Number of standard journals / Reports 18
5 Popular Journals and reports 11
6 Academic Journals 04

ICT Resource Centre

Deploying Information technology would be central to the Educational mission. I.T. will continue to provide the foundation for our academic enterprise. Our Computer Laboratory is well equipped with more than 30 computers, Internet connection, new media like CD-ROMs etc.

The college will support standard IT environments for the integration of on-line resources into teaching and learning. College will provide training towards the application of technology in teaching and learning.

Psychology Resource Centre

Powerful learning requires “Receiving, Retaining and Recalling” The teaching helps receiving the instructions, however retention and recall requires first hand experiences of what ever is received for which experimentation is mandatory. Psychological and science laboratory are the fixing devices, which are well developed in our institution. Both there laboratories are well equipped with psychological and science apparatuses and psychological test and inventories.

Audio-Visual, Room / Edn. Techonology Room

The unique feature of our college is that the college provides multisensory teaching – learning experiences through its Educational technology facilities. An air-conditioned mini auditorium exclusively meant for multimedia presentation with the help of LCD and other technological in teaching-learning process.This multipurpose auditorium is also used for screening Films, Conducting Seminars, Workshops and Conferences etc.

Art and Craft Resource Centre

Principal’s Office

Staff Room

Administrative Office

Girl’s Common Room